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12 Universal Laws Explained

We have already mentioned the connection between these 12 spiritual laws and the healing practice of Ho`oponopono. Just like both physical and gravity laws, these universal laws were not invented, but discovered by humans through their observations and experiences. Often discussed in reference to Ho`oponopono`s healing practice, the Twelve Spiritual Laws of the Universe each teach you something unique about well-being, happiness, and success. When you have a strong sense of these spiritual laws, you develop a clearer picture of your own place in the world. This guide will examine and summarize the twelve acts. Also, it should help you understand how they affect you and how your awareness of them can lead to positive changes. The 12 Universal Laws can help you adjust your understanding of why things are the way they are. It gives life a deeper meaning. There are many other laws that are at stake at some point. However, not all laws have yet been given names.

Better yet, while these laws can be used to help work with the Law of Attraction, you don`t need to work on a specific protest goal to benefit from it here. It is believed that the laws of the universe have existed since the dawn of time. It is believed that they date back to the creation of the world, and it is said that ancient cultures have always known them intuitively; some are associated with hermetic teachings and others with a Hawaiian meditation technique called Ho`oponopono. “Understanding the 12 Laws shows us how to master life on all levels and gives us insight into what we can do to achieve our goals.” – Numerologist Novalee Wilder The 12 universal laws come from Source (also known as God, the Universe, higher power, etc.). Just as there are laws of nature, such as Newton`s law of gravity, there are also spiritual laws. It is important to note here that, like everything in life, we need to keep an open mind and remember that knowledge and understanding are constantly changing and expanding. So while I`m writing about “laws,” it`s important not to confuse them with what many of us learned in school as the scientific laws of nature. The 12 Universal Laws are a combination of science, mind, and metaphysics, so stay open and view them more as guidelines that help us understand how universal intelligence is organized.

For those more aware of science, it may be more useful to think of them as principles rather than laws. This article will examine in detail all universal laws, explain how they work, what they can be used for and how they can be put into practice. If you do not understand the connections between spiritual laws, you will naturally encounter obstacles. You may feel lost, frustrated, and confused about your purpose. You may even feel like virtually everything is going wrong for you, no matter how much you think you`ve planned. One of the simplest laws in the universe, the law of cause and effect, tells us that all actions have a corresponding reaction. It is believed that there are a total of 12 universal laws that have existed since the beginning of the universe and that have stood the test of time. The problem is that the law of attraction is not the only universal law. There are other laws that govern how the universe exists and functions. “Understanding the 12 laws shows us how to master life at all levels and gives us insight into what we can do to achieve our goals,” says Novalee Wilder, a numerologist and author of A Little Bit of Numerology, who often works with the laws of the universe in sessions with clients. “They show us how we got to where we are, how we can trust and how we can create a river to go somewhere else. In other words, the laws of the universe offer us a kind of roadmap on how to live our best lives.

Getting to know them is one thing, but applying them is another. I am here to help you meet your daily challenges and use the 12 Universal Laws to align with the solutions. I do this by giving direct 1:1 support and guidance. Arrange your free 60-minute consultation appointment below. In contrast, people who live their lives with an awareness of interconnected laws typically report feeling more confident, productive, and thoughtful than ever before. While there is advanced personal work you can do regarding any law, even starting this general understanding of the different laws can make a noticeable difference in how you feel.